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Today the evolving man has specific questions regarding his life path. How can he better serve the whole of creation without harming himself and without diminishing his life force during this process seems a burning question of many on the path of inner search.

One must persist in gathering and preserving natural, unique life forces. One needs appropriate energies for an ascension into the fifth dimensional solar light frequencies of infinite possibilities and perfection, the higher path.

The process of teaching requires that this topic be addressed thoroughly and with the highest intention and understanding of cosmic laws that are at work. The answers to these questions do lie within, from an inner source, that the wisdom body can unfold and bring forth higher potentials while we are still alive.

This process can be guided individually and in group work as long as one intends to release old energies of pain, fear and concepts related to unconscious suffering in favor of greater life, freedom and happiness.

We will continue to teach and heal with Flower Essences in the most profound and sacred way during our workshops.
Dear friends! In case you are interested in one or more of theses workshops, please look at the links and you will find the right ones for you. You can also request workshops any time by contacting me personally for small or bigger groups as well.
i am most grateful to assist in your growth which is unique and deserves attention. Thank you for being here at this time of growth and wisdom