As a child, growing up in a small southern German village, Anna-Maria was psychically awake, seeing other’s energy state. She began her career as a social worker and educator in Germany with an advanced degree in social work. After emigrating to America she taught and counseled young children and their families in a Waldorf School while living with her husband and daughter in the Sierra Nevada foothills of northern California.

Anna-Maria is a trained, certified and experienced intuitive healer and teacher. She created a healing program called HEALOS (Healing Evolution Awareness Love of Spirit). She has since trained healers and teachers throughout Germany and the western United States. Her intuitive healing practice incorporates the use of flower essences obtained through the Flower Essence Society of California.

She addresses and heals the deeper levels of her clients’ state to bring forth their higher truth. She conducts sessions with individuals (read about here) as well as groups worldwide. Further, Anna-Maria has created a network to support other spiritual healers and teachers in their careers, especially those she has trained in intuitive healing arts.