What is a spiritual communication?

During an individual session, Anna-Maria takes a deep look into your current life path, assisting you in expanding your psychic space and evolving a more advanced soul being.

Seeing New

The anatomy of the subtle body and its operant energies in healing
Healing with the master cell;
Aura and chakra healing;
Out of body healing; and,
Recollecting and resetting one’s own healing forces.

The evolution of the soul
Awakening to the next levels of consciousness;
Clearing aspects “old life” while renewing and creating a new way of living;
Creating and recreating a new body and a new relations ship to the body-mind-being connection; and,
Reorganizing one’s life from within and from without

The Awareness of being
Awakening to the higher levels of awareness;
What are you?
What are your true dreams and wishes?
What is humanity?

Love of Spirit
Anna-Maria considers the love of spirit as one of the most significant teachings. Whatever subject, the compassion for the soul and its love for itself is an integral part of the workshop. Only in this awareness can humanity truly evolve. Within this powerful awareness, humanity’s immortal being is born.

Since 15 years Anna-Maria conducts seminars internationally. From an early age she dedicated herself to working with groups.