What is a session?

Most people bring one or more questions to the session that they may have been pondering. Some of the issues often occupying participants are listed below.

Anna-Maria begins each session by greeting your whole being and addressing not just your central question but also the deeper-seated, often unconscious concerns. She establishes a safe meditative space so that you can reestablish soul-path connection, elevating yourself to higher truth.

After creating a protected spiritual space, a specific prayer raises the session’s energy, thus affirming the direct connection between Anna-Maria and you. The established session then progresses in a free-flowing form, bringing forth the uniqueness of the soul into awareness.

Anna-Maria’s session roles freely move from reading to counseling, listening/witnessing, to active healing and teaching. She can be a channel in the moment or a channel of one or more specific beings that would appropriately assist participants’ growth.

Anna-Maria may perceive and talk with you about foreign energies within your physical body and aura. The reading is the first step in a healing, whereby Anna-Maria sees your energy body. If she perceives a particular damage, she may then proceed with different modalities of healing. Readings do not always center on past traumas but also frequently focus on future goals or aspirations, depending on the core concern or question that you bring to the session.

At the end of this spiritual communication, Anna-Maria works with you on your next steps and often will suggest one or more flower essences. As a licensed minister of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, Anna-Maria does not diagnose medical or psychiatric conditions.

Session topics can be:

  • Relationships, partnerships and family
  • Love and sexuality
  • Spirit guides and the clearing of foreign energies
  • Fulfilling careers
  • Karma, soul-path, transformation, ascension
  • Living space, property, moving one’s domicile
  • Aura, energy-centers, healing
  • Functional immortality
  • The creating of new healing centers

How to schedule an appointment

Please call 530 273 9992 during business hours, 9 am – 12 pm and 2pm – 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, Pacific Standard (California) Time. Staff will make your appointment, arrange payment, and inform you of the contact telephone number for the session with Anna-Maria.

You will receive complete details about scheduling an appointment by just sending an email to the appointment email address:

Mailing address: 470 S Auburn Street, Suite E; Grass Valley, California, 95945, USA.

Cost for an hour session is $ 130 US, or 120 Euro for residents of the EU.

Payment must be received by latest 24 hours before the appointment and can be made as follows:

Credit card payment via the above telephone number.
Personal check drawn on a US bank or international money order, sent via mail.
Paypal payment to the account:

You can also schedule an appointment by sending an email to the office using “Contact”.

To schedule classes, please see “Events”.

Thank you very much for your interest in scheduling a session. Best wishes on your journey.